New Release!

My second illustrated children’s picture book “Totally Terrible Tommy” is now available in the Kindle Store on Amazon.

TTT Kindle Cover Art

“Totally Terrible Tommy” was started several years ago when, for some odd reason, the words stuck in my head, and I could not shut them out. So, I decided I needed to find out who Totally Terrible Tommy was. It’ s simple story about a little boy who delights in being totally terrible. You will have to read the book to find out why. It is a good read for third grade and below. Of course, some older kids could find it helpful, too.

It is available in the Kindle Store here.

Will be out in paperback shortly.

While you are checking out “Totally Terrible Tommy,” also take a look at my other picture book “Dexter’s Wonderful Day.”
Kindle Store or Paperback

Dexter Cover RGB

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