Dexter’s Wonderful Day

I am so excited! I have just published my first childrens picture book. I wrote the short story for my first two grandchildren. The oldest is now 24, so, you can see it has been sitting on the shelf for a few  years. Occasionally I would get it out and work on some of the characters and then put it back thinking I would get it finished…someday. Well, I had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments and decided it was time to put Dexter in print.

I finished drawing all of the characters and brought them to life with watercolor and the computer. I am very proud of the results and excited to share Dexter with my readers.

Dexter is a cute, lighthearted story about a happy-go-lucky dragon and his forest friends. When Dexter wakes up, he is sure that the day is very special, but can’t remember why. However, he is sure it is going to be wonderful. He invites his friends to join in his most favorite thing to do—skipping rocks at the pond, but for some reason they all are too busy to skip rocks with Dexter. Disappointed, but undeterred, Dexter is determined to enjoy his wonderful day. Pick up the book or Kindle version and find out what happened to Dexter’s friends and why they didn’t have time to skip rocks.

Your kids and grandkids will fall in love with Dexter and all of his forest friends.

Dexter Small Poster

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