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This and That and the Other Thing

Hello Friends and Readers,

Well, January is finally over and Phil didn’t see his shadow. Can spring be far behind? I am truly ready for some warm weather.

Wanted to let you know a couple of things — I have a new children’s book out. It’s a great book for toddlers and preschoolers to begin learning about numbers and has just received a 5 Star Review Award from Readers’ Favorite. It is available both in paperback and Kindle versions.

Also — My Sophie Collins Mystery books 1 and 2 (Kindle versions only) are now on sale for .99¢ each until February 8 only on Amazon.
The Red Coat ~
Secret of Trail House Lodge ~

And — coming later this year book 3 of the Sophie Collins Mystery Series.

Wishing everyone Happy Reading!
New Release and Sale


IPA Winner    ipa-DF-banner-300x250

The 2018 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD recognized “The Secret of Trail House Lodge” in the category of Young Adult Fiction as a winner and “Inescapable ~ The Beginning” as a Distinguished Favorite in the category of Romantic Suspense.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

“In 2018, we again had a most impressive worldwide participation: cities such as London to Moscow to San Francisco, and many countries such as Australia, Canada, India and Japan, and across the globe had books to submitted to the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD.

We are so delighted to announce the winners and distinguished favorites in our annual 2018 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD.  Independent publishing is very much alive, and continues to flourish worldwide,” said awards sponsor Gabrielle Olczak.

STHL Front with Seal.jpgSophie Collins Mystery Series – Book 2 – The Secret of Trail House Lodge

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The Red Coat Cover Front-Seal.jpg   Book 1 – The Red Coat
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Inescapable Series – Book 1 – The Beginning
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Inescapable Book 2 Cover 2018 SEAL RGB.jpg
Book 2 – Rembering
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Book 3 – Tomorrow
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Proud to announce book 3 has been released!

I am proud to announce that book 3 — Inescapable ~ Tomorrow — has been released. It is available on Black Opal Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other retail book sites.

Here are a few reviews:

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In Inescapable ~ Tomorrow by Madge H. Gressley, Darcey Callahan has regained her memory and survived the plot to kill her. Now she is about to be married to Brad Daniels, the love of her life and the man who rescued her from the human traffickers. But Darcey is still in danger. Revenge against Brad for a successful victory against the plot to take over the bio dome, and revenge against Darcey, simply because of who she is, threaten her now that she and Brad are going to Dubai for him to take over a top-secret project for ORCA. But unexpected allies, and even more unexpected enemies, will keep Darcey, and those trying to protect her, on their toes.

Exciting, intriguing, and timely, given the state of the world today, Gressley blends science fiction, science fact, romance, and mystery into a thrilling tale you won’t be able to put down.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: Inescapable ~ Tomorrow by Madge Gressley is the story of Darcey Callahan, a graphic designer from Dallas, Texas, who has been kidnapped by human traffickers, lost her memory in a car crash, and now is about to marry the love of her life, Brad, who searched for her, rescued her from the human traffickers, and helped her regain her memory. After everything she has been through, you would think the poor girl could finally relax and enjoy her wedding and her honeymoon in Dubai. But alas, her troubles are not over. The danger is still there, fueled by revenge and obsession, and Darcey is unaware of it. Brad tries to protect her, but he is starting a new top-secret project and can’t spend every minute with her. But Darcey doesn’t want bodyguards, so she leaves herself wide open to the evil scheming in the background. It is a decision she may come to rue.

Equally as chilling, thrilling, and romantic as the first two books, I found both the science fiction and the mystery as exciting and fascinating as the romance. Inescapable ~ Tomorrow has a little something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By  on April 17, 2018
Darcy is suspicious of Luis’ motives; why has he taken such a keen interest in her, and why is he willing to spend a small fortune on the wedding? After considering the offer, Darcy accepts Luis’ offer; with some conditions.

With the sabotage attempt on the bio-dome behind them, ORCA is ready to move ahead on a new project and have asked Brad to be the project’s lead. The implications of the project are irresistible to Brad, but agreeing to lead the project will separate him from his beloved Darcy, and put her in harm’s way. ORCA decides to take steps to safeguard the secrecy of this new project, they launch an investigation to uncover the mastermind behind the aborted sabotage attempts and hire a security detail to protect Darcy.
Will Darcy discover the reason why Luis has taken an interest in her? If so, will she reject his offer and delay her marriage to Brad? Will ORCA find the mastermind that threatens this new project and Darcy’s life, or will the details of the project fall into the wrong hands? Will Brad accept the position to lead this new project, or will he decide that he cannot be separated from his beloved and refuse the offer?

In Inescapable: Tomorrow, Gressley continues to weave an entrancing web of deceit, intrigue, suspense, and adventure as Brad and Darcy continue to face uncertainties and peril in their new life together.

Nominated for OnlineBookClub’s 2018 Book of the Year!

I am excited to announce that Inescapable ~ The Beginning has been nominated for the OnlineBookClub’s 2018 Book of the Year! Please take a coulpe of minutes to vote at

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

The following is an official review of
Inescapable ~ The Beginning”
by Madge H Gressley.

4 out of 4 stars

Darcey Callahan can’t help but fall in love with Brad Daniels, but she has no idea what kind of terrifying consequences their relationship holds. Brad works for a mysterious agency with a top-secret mission. He is called to Peru to investigate the allegation that someone is tampering with his project. During his investigation, he loses contact with Darcey for an extensive amount of time, and her anxiety overwhelms her. She flies out to Peru to find Brad, but instead finds herself kidnapped and sold into a human trafficking ring by the very men that Brad had set out to apprehend. Suddenly, Brad is the one that has to save her. He’ll have to work fast if he wants to rescue her before the remnants of her past life slip completely out of her grasp.

Inescapable isn’t a typical romance story, and the plot is anything but predictable. I expected her to be pining for Brad in her cell, praying that he would show up and whisk her away from the clutches of her kidnappers, but an accident leaves her with only broken memories. Now, not only does Brad have to rescue her, but he has to steal her heart back from the man who cared for her when no one else did, and force her to remember the love they once shared together.

The first part of the novel is mostly focused on Brad’s secret project. I feel that this section of the story drags on a little, but it also provides valuable insight about his colleagues. Even those closest to Brad have ulterior motives, and he is completely unaware that he cannot trust anyone around him. At the resolution of the novel, it is still not made clear why certain characters purposely sabotage Brad’s project, and I would be interested to learn more about their motives in the sequel.

Many stories revolving around human trafficking are often packed with crude and sexual scenes, but this isn’t the case in Inescapable. There are only a few instances in the story that deem it suitable for a more mature audience. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to enjoy the story without being overwhelmed by vulgar scenes.

I believe Inescapable deserves 4 out of 4 stars. It is well-edited and resolves in a way that leaves the reader wanting more. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an unpredictable romance packed with suspense and mystery.

Inescapable ~ The Beginning
View: on Bookshelves | on Amazon | on iTunes | on Smashwords | on Black Opal Books

Dexter’s Wonderful Day and Totally Terrible Tommy garner 5 Star reviews

I am excited and proud to share with you two great reviews for my children’s books — Dexter’s Wonderful Day and Totally Terrible Tommy.

Dexter’s Wonderful Day


Reviewed By Tiffany Davis for Readers’ Favorite

Dexter Cover RGBDexter’s Wonderful Day by Madge H. Gressley is a children’s story about a dinosaur named Dexter who was determined to have a wonderful day, even though none of his friends were available to go to the pond to skip rocks with him. Dexter was bummed out that he didn’t have friends to play with, but he was determined to have a good day so he proceeded to the pond. Along the way, he encountered other friends who were all busy and couldn’t play.

The story is good because as Dexter walked through the woods, he wondered why none of his friends wanted to play, but he never got discouraged. To his amazement, all of his friends surprised him with a birthday party and served a feast. Dexter was grateful for all of his friends and especially for all the gifts he received. Not only was Dexter able to skip rocks, he had so much fun that all he could do was fall asleep and dream about the wonderful day he’d just had with his friends.

This story teaches children patience and the ability to be grateful, even when things don’t go as planned. It is a good book for kindergarten children because at that age they start to better understand the importance of patience and being able to adjust. Dexter’s Wonderful Day by Madge H. Gressley is very well written and is a nice story for young children. A great children’s story!

Totally Terrible Tommy


Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

TTT Kindle Cover ArtTotally Terrible Tommy is just as his name suggests: he’s totally terrible. He tramples his mother’s tulips, trashes his father’s workshop, breaks his sister’s toys, and talks back to his teachers at school. Nothing stops Tommy from being totally terrible. When his grandfather comes to visit, he challenges Tommy’s perspective by asking him why he wants to behave so terribly. Tommy seems to think everyone expects him to be terrible, so that’s what he is. He wants to be noticed and he doesn’t believe he will be noticed if he’s not terrible. His grandfather asks him to try a different approach for a week. Tommy agrees and starts be helpful and nice to everyone. Suddenly Totally Terrible Tommy has become Totally Terrific Tommy and he’s getting more attention than he thought possible. He’s even feeling good about himself. But it’s not enough. You see, Tommy just wants to be Tommy, not Totally Terrible or Totally Terrific, just Tommy. And that’s not such a bad thing either, because no one can or should be perfectly good or perfectly bad all of the time.

Author Madge H Gressley has written a beautiful story. Totally Terrible Tommy is both humorous and serious and teaches readers, young and old alike, the importance of accepting ourselves and others around us for what they are: neither totally terrible nor totally terrific. And it teaches us all the importance of helping out and trying to be considerate and hard working as much as possible. The author is both clever and charming in her story, using the catchy alliteration of T’s in the Totally Terrible Tommy and Totally Terrific Tommy.


Reviews just keep rolling in!

Book review: Madge H. Gressley’s Inescapable ~ The Beginning

Darcey had found the man of her dreams in Brad. He lit a fire in her like no one else Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]could. But Lily’s appearance In their life had marked trouble. Darcey knew very little about his job, only that it was ‘classified’. When he tells her he once more has to return to sort out some trouble, she knew from his expression there was more to it than that, and she was worried. It seemed her instincts had been right on the mark, Brad goes missing, and she moves mountains in an attempt to track him down, unaware that she is playing directly into the enemies’ hands. After a horrific traffic accident, being kidnapped, and drugged, her mind shuts down, robbing her of all memories. The only thing she knows for sure, she’s being held against her will. Can she find the strength to escape, will she uncover her forgotten memories, can Brad find her before a fate worse than amnesia befalls her? Unravel the mystery in Madge H. Gressley’s Inescapable ~ The Beginning.

Mystery fans, and those who enjoy a good tale of intrigue will certainly find Madge H. Gressley’s, Inescapable ~ The Beginning, ticks a lot of their boxes. There is some great character development, complex relationships, betrayal, hope, devastation, suspicion, a hint of honour among ‘thieves’, and romance, all creating a starting a foundation for the next book in the series. Inescapable ~ The Beginning is a good first book with plenty to  keep a reader entertained, you’ll be drawn into the plot,  and find yourself rooting for the characters and watching their relationships change and grow shaped by their experiences. There are parts of this book, and the interactions between the characters that feel very real, and thus create a good atmosphere an enjoyable read that will make many readers want  to pick up the second book.


e-Books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, KOBO, Google Books, iBooks

Paperback available on Amazon, Black Opal Books, Barnes & Noble

Two Gold Bookworm Awards

Check it out!! My Sophie Collins Mystery Series books “The Red Coat” and “The Secret of Trail House Lodge” have both received the Gold Bookworm Award from Reader’s Review Room.

SPECIAL: Starting February 1 through February 8, 2018, on Amazon only both books will be 99¢ each. Here’s your chance to get both books at a super-low price for a limited time.

“The Red Coat” gold_bookworm
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Short reads – 90 minutes or less, Teen Turf, Young Adult Novels

“The Red Coat.” Gold bookworm. This was an amazing book! A homeless girl named Sophie found a red coat. A lady claimed the coat was hers and took it from Sophie. That night, she tried to kill Sophie. Sophie decided to investigate. This made me happy, interested, and excited to read this book. My favorite character is Sophie because she has determination and curiosity. My favorite part was when the will was being read because of the surprises it held. I would recommend this book to my friends. The Red Coat is one of my favorite books now. I think my friends would like the book as much as I do.

“The Secret of Trail House Lodge”gold_bookworm  ”
Genres: Medium-length reads – 90 minutes to 4 hours, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Teen Turf, Young Adult Novels

What caught my eye first about this book is the spooky house on the cover. It made me shiver with anticipation of a good mystery, reminiscent of days gone by of reading late into the night under the covers with a flashlight. Second, I loved Sophie. She’s a hard-headed, spunky, full of mischief teenager, a girl who is curious and loves figuring things out. She’s even in a club with three of her friends, the Junior Detective Group. She often relies on her ‘mystery gauge’ for clues and according to Sophie, her mystery gauge is never wrong.

During a romp in an old deserted lodge, Sophie and her friends find a mummified body, footprints in the dust, and other items intensifying the mystery of what happened. There are subplots to follow throughout the book: What is the role of the old lodge’s caretaker and what was he searching for? Why did creepy Uncle Titus, her deceased grandfather’s brother, suddenly show up at Morsey Manor, asking questions and insisting that he become her guardian? What is the significance of the items in the safety deposit box? These questions and more led to a good read.

There are different points of view within a few paragraphs of each other and that was a bit jarring, but the author made it clear who was thinking what and it didn’t deter from the storyline. I wish Sophie’s three friends had more personality, because for being teenagers, they seemed flat. However, I liked the characters of Grayson the butler and Millie the cook, and the role of Grayson to Sophie. Grayson is trying his best to teach Sophie manners so she can live up to the reputation of being Hustus Morsey’s granddaughter, but she is a relunctant student, with a mind of her own.

Don’t let the category of children’s books scare you off from reading this mystery. I would say it’s more of a Teens & Young Adult category. I can see Author Gressley collecting a fan base that will follow Sophie and her Junior Detective Group, and look forward to seeing more books in this series.

Don’t forget to pick up both books for only 99¢ February 1 through the 8th. Limited time only.

5 Star Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]Inescapable ~ Remembering has just received another 5 Star review from Reader’s Favorite.

If there is anything I love better than the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson, it is the second book in this thrilling series: Inescapable — Remembering by Madge H Gressley. A beautiful woman, Darcey Callahan, sets out to locate her missing boyfriend, driving from Texas to Peru. But she has an accident on the way, which leaves her devoid of memory, but in the hands of a drug trafficking ring. She is in a bio dome, located five miles beneath the ocean. Brad, her boyfriend, rescues her. But can she trust Brad? How does she know that everything Brad tells her is true? And can Brad keep her safe from a more dangerous enemy?

This is a story laced with intrigue and deeply moving scenes. Madge H Gressley has a wonderful gift for character and plot, and she begins her story with a powerful premise: a woman having an accident and waking up sold, but what makes it even more complicated is that she has lost her memory, so how can she reconnect with her past and identity? The idea of a dome in the depths of the sea is appealing as well. The suspense begins from the moment readers encounter the protagonist and they begin to feel for her, wanting to find out if she can recall who she is and still accept Brad as her boyfriend. There are many plot twists that will entice readers. The narrative is awesome, done in a voice that is strong and steady. The writing is captivating and readers will fall for the characters as they relate with others and work through dramatic conflicts. Inescapable — Remembering is a gorgeous read, as suspenseful as it is entertaining.

Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Another 5 Star Review

I am soooo excited! My “Inescapable ~ The Beginning” book 1 in my Inescapable series and Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards, has just received another 5 Star review from Aimee Ann of the Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

Inescapable ~ The Beginning, Madge H. GressleyPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]

When Darcey Callahan tumbles for Brad Daniels, it starts her on a dark and perilous journey that quickly turns into her worst nightmare. Believing Brad has gone missing—while investigating a sabotage attempt of his top-secret project in Peru—Darcey dashes off to find him, setting in motion a series of events beyond her control. Awakening from a near-deadly car crash, she finds herself with no memory and a prisoner in the dangerous world of human trafficking, murders, and espionage. Held captive in Morocco until she can be “sold,” she doesn’t know whether to trust the stranger who has come to rescue her. Is he really willing to help her, or is this a nightmare from which she may never wake up?

Inescapable – The Beginning is a thrilling, intriguing suspense novel that will keep you engrossed, entertained and enchanted until the very last page! This sensational book is phenomenal and addictive… so much so that I found it unputdownable. I was impatient as I moved from one page to the next and that is all thanks to the astonishing author’s engrossing literature, riveting plot and let’s not forget extraordinary characters! All of these factors combined Inescapable the perfect read to escape into!

The story of this book is glorious and breath-taking. The novel has a plot that has surprised me more than once thanks to its captivating and absorbing nature; one thing is for sure when you read Inescapable, and that is you will never be bored! Reading this book is a gem because it is a diverse all-consuming assault of brilliance that will keep you motivated to read until the very end; it is like the author has a binding spell on you and the only way to break this spell is to immerse yourself in the layers of the novel!

I found the story of this brilliant tale to be unique and dynamic. It took my breath away thanks to the epic suspense the reader encounters along this thrilling journey. It is a wonderfully executed story that was expertly plotted. I did not get bored at any given time reading this book. I always measure my likeness of a book on whether I find myself looking at the page number but never once did I with this novel because it is epically brilliant!

To summarize my thoughts on the thrilling novel that is Inescapable; I would say if you are a reader who Is tired of reading the same old books that are lackluster and forgettable then take a chance with this one because I promise you now that you will not be disappointed! It has everything a reader would want in a suspense novel; it has captivating characters, great literature, and an all-consuming plot. This thrilling adventure gets Five Stars!


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Barnes & Noble (psper back):

Another Award

I have just been notified that book two of my Sophie Collins Mystery Series — The Secret of Trail House Lodge has been selected as a Distinguished Favorite in the Young Adult category for the New York City Big Book Awards. It has also been awarded a 5 Star rating by Readers’ Favorite. See review below.
nyc banner 300x250cbf85-the2bsecret2bof2btrail2bhouse2blodge5star-shiny-hr







Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

The Secret of Trail House Lodge: A Sophie Collins Mystery, Book 2 by Madge H. Gressley is for young adults. Fifteen-year-old heiress Sophie Collins and her friends explore an abandoned lodge and become curious after seeing a particular guest entry in the registration book, and finding a stash of old coins and puzzling footprints. Her guardian, Mr. Johnson, investigates the lodge’s history and learns it was once owned by a notorious gangster. Sophie’s suspicions increase when she and her friends return to the lodge and realize someone else was searching the rooms. Their sleuthing picks up surprising clues that help the sheriff link unsolved cases. Sophie’s estranged Uncle Titus believes he should be her guardian, but Mr. Johnson is wary of him, much to his displeasure.

The Secret of Trail House Lodge is a lovely sleuth mystery, especially with its main character. Sophie is a high-spirited teen who is clever and brave with a keen sense of perception. It is a suspenseful story that sees the teens take on investigative roles, despite the risks they encounter. The interaction among the characters, both good and evil, is sharp. Sophie can be a bit rebellious, but this probably comes from her dismal past. This is Madge H. Gressley’s second book in the Sophie Collins Mystery series. The mystery interested me, but so did Sophie, whose present lifestyle was entirely different to what she was accustomed to. Book 1 is another mystery that sees Sophie’s luck change. Madge H. Gressley’s book is recommended.

Book one in the series is The Red Coat

The-Red-Coat-Cover-ArtA homeless runaway and a murder, all add up to a realistic, unique, and exciting mystery read. The Red Coat strays from the typical goody-goody, know-it-all young sleuth novel to provide readers with a smart, street-wise, and a self-determined young protagonist. If you liked reading Nancy Drew, then, you are going to love the young and sassy Sophie Collins.