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Book review: Madge H. Gressley’s Inescapable ~ The Beginning

Darcey had found the man of her dreams in Brad. He lit a fire in her like no one else Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]could. But Lily’s appearance In their life had marked trouble. Darcey knew very little about his job, only that it was ‘classified’. When he tells her he once more has to return to sort out some trouble, she knew from his expression there was more to it than that, and she was worried. It seemed her instincts had been right on the mark, Brad goes missing, and she moves mountains in an attempt to track him down, unaware that she is playing directly into the enemies’ hands. After a horrific traffic accident, being kidnapped, and drugged, her mind shuts down, robbing her of all memories. The only thing she knows for sure, she’s being held against her will. Can she find the strength to escape, will she uncover her forgotten memories, can Brad find her before a fate worse than amnesia befalls her? Unravel the mystery in Madge H. Gressley’s Inescapable ~ The Beginning.

Mystery fans, and those who enjoy a good tale of intrigue will certainly find Madge H. Gressley’s, Inescapable ~ The Beginning, ticks a lot of their boxes. There is some great character development, complex relationships, betrayal, hope, devastation, suspicion, a hint of honour among ‘thieves’, and romance, all creating a starting a foundation for the next book in the series. Inescapable ~ The Beginning is a good first book with plenty to  keep a reader entertained, you’ll be drawn into the plot,  and find yourself rooting for the characters and watching their relationships change and grow shaped by their experiences. There are parts of this book, and the interactions between the characters that feel very real, and thus create a good atmosphere an enjoyable read that will make many readers want  to pick up the second book.


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