A review by Charity Rowell-Stansbury. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

After recovering her memory, Darcy realizes how connected she feels to Brad and accepts his proposal of marriage. As the couple begins to make wedding plans, Luis offers to pay for the couple’s wedding; including hosting the wedding at his estate, and transporting guests to the wedding.

Darcy is suspicious of Luis’ motives; why has he taken such a keen interest in her, and why is he willing to spend a small fortune on the wedding? After considering the offer, Darcy accepts Luis’ offer; with some conditions.

With the sabotage attempt on the bio-dome behind them, ORCA is ready to move ahead on a new project and have asked Brad to be the project’s lead. The implications of the project are irresistible to Brad, but agreeing to lead the project will separate him from his beloved Darcy, and put her in harm’s way. ORCA decides to take steps to safeguard the secrecy of this new project; they launch an investigation to uncover the mastermind behind the aborted sabotage attempts, and hire a security detail to protect Darcy.

Will Darcy discover the reason why Luis has taken an interest in her? If so; will she reject his offer and delay her marriage to Brad? Will ORCA find the mastermind that threatens this new project and Darcy’s life, or will the details of the project fall into the wrong hands? Will Brad accept the position to lead this new project, or will he decide that he cannot be separated from his beloved and refuse the offer?

In¬†Inescapable: Tomorrow, Gressley¬†continues to weave an entrancing web of deceit, intrigue, suspense, and adventure as Brad and Darcy continue to face uncertainties and peril in their new lives together. I was really impressed with Gressley’s ability to put a new spin on a theme that the other books in the series share, and it helped to keep boredom with the story at bay. I enjoyed the underlying story of Darcy’s family history, and wish that Gressley would have shared more of this history that Darcy is mostly unaware of.

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If you enjoyed Inescapable: The Beginning and Inescapable: Remembering, you will enjoy Inescapable: Tomorrow since it follows the same theme as the other two books, but with an interesting twist that readers will enjoy.