Proud to announce book 3 has been released!

I am proud to announce that book 3 — Inescapable ~ Tomorrow — has been released. It is available on Black Opal Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and many other retail book sites.

Here are a few reviews:

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In Inescapable ~ Tomorrow by Madge H. Gressley, Darcey Callahan has regained her memory and survived the plot to kill her. Now she is about to be married to Brad Daniels, the love of her life and the man who rescued her from the human traffickers. But Darcey is still in danger. Revenge against Brad for a successful victory against the plot to take over the bio dome, and revenge against Darcey, simply because of who she is, threaten her now that she and Brad are going to Dubai for him to take over a top-secret project for ORCA. But unexpected allies, and even more unexpected enemies, will keep Darcey, and those trying to protect her, on their toes.

Exciting, intriguing, and timely, given the state of the world today, Gressley blends science fiction, science fact, romance, and mystery into a thrilling tale you won’t be able to put down.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: Inescapable ~ Tomorrow by Madge Gressley is the story of Darcey Callahan, a graphic designer from Dallas, Texas, who has been kidnapped by human traffickers, lost her memory in a car crash, and now is about to marry the love of her life, Brad, who searched for her, rescued her from the human traffickers, and helped her regain her memory. After everything she has been through, you would think the poor girl could finally relax and enjoy her wedding and her honeymoon in Dubai. But alas, her troubles are not over. The danger is still there, fueled by revenge and obsession, and Darcey is unaware of it. Brad tries to protect her, but he is starting a new top-secret project and can’t spend every minute with her. But Darcey doesn’t want bodyguards, so she leaves herself wide open to the evil scheming in the background. It is a decision she may come to rue.

Equally as chilling, thrilling, and romantic as the first two books, I found both the science fiction and the mystery as exciting and fascinating as the romance. Inescapable ~ Tomorrow has a little something for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By  on April 17, 2018
Darcy is suspicious of Luis’ motives; why has he taken such a keen interest in her, and why is he willing to spend a small fortune on the wedding? After considering the offer, Darcy accepts Luis’ offer; with some conditions.

With the sabotage attempt on the bio-dome behind them, ORCA is ready to move ahead on a new project and have asked Brad to be the project’s lead. The implications of the project are irresistible to Brad, but agreeing to lead the project will separate him from his beloved Darcy, and put her in harm’s way. ORCA decides to take steps to safeguard the secrecy of this new project, they launch an investigation to uncover the mastermind behind the aborted sabotage attempts and hire a security detail to protect Darcy.
Will Darcy discover the reason why Luis has taken an interest in her? If so, will she reject his offer and delay her marriage to Brad? Will ORCA find the mastermind that threatens this new project and Darcy’s life, or will the details of the project fall into the wrong hands? Will Brad accept the position to lead this new project, or will he decide that he cannot be separated from his beloved and refuse the offer?

In Inescapable: Tomorrow, Gressley continues to weave an entrancing web of deceit, intrigue, suspense, and adventure as Brad and Darcy continue to face uncertainties and peril in their new life together.

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