Free! Free! Free!

For TWO days, September 14 & 15 (48 hours) you can get INESCAPABLE: The Beginning FREE in the Kindle Store.

This awesome read, which is only the beginning of Darcey’s and Brad’s adventure, will have you on the edge of your seat from page one. It is fast-paced, action-packed, suspenseful, romantic and witty. The reader will be transported into Darcey’s nightmare as she is kidnapped by human traffickers and then sold. The reader will journey with her as she struggles to regain her memory, and Brad’s desperate search for her.

After reading The Beginning, you will definitely want to get book two – Remembering (only 99 cents) and follow Darcey and Brad as he helps her regain her memory and completes the underwater Bio Dome that may help save humanity from an impending disaster.

The adventure continues in Tomorrow, book three in the series. It is filled with murder, intrigue and suspense as Darcey and Brad begin their life together. Old questions are answered and new dangers arise as Brad tackles his new off-world job for the ORCA Corp. Will Darcey survive the threat of the mysterious man who wants her dead? Will Brad get the Bio Domes completed on the Moon and Mars in time to save humanity?

Get your FREE copy and start the adventure!

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