Just 10 Days Away

Yes, it is just 10 days before the InD’Scribe Convention. It can’t get here soon enough. But, wait it’s coming too soon! I’m not ready! Well…mostly not ready. I have gotten my sparkly duds for the RONE Awards banquet, comfy shoes for dancing (Opps! I forgot I have two left feet), and all of the necessities, but still haven’t decided what to wear to travel in. I’ve tried on several different outfits and combinations of those outfits, and still not sure. I don’t want something that will be too hot or something that won’t be warm enough. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

However, there is something that didn’t require any thinking at all. As a “Thank You” to my many fans and friends, I am putting both INESCAPABLE: The Beginning and INESCAPABLE: Remembering on SALE for 99¢ each in the Kindle Store until September 20. Keep checking back, there may be something special happening with book 3 INESCAPABLE: Tomorrow during the convention.

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