Penned Con 2015 St. Louis

Over the weekend my editor Mary-Nancy Smith, and I went to the Penned Con 2015 in St. Louis. Had a terrific time! I met so many fantastic authors, especially, one of my all time favorite authors—Amy Bartol.

I picked up some great swag and increased my “must read” list by at least 50. As soon as I’m finished with the “ELE” series by Courtney Nuckels and Rebecca Gober, (BTW it’s a great series and a quick read) I will get started on all of the great books I discovered at the Penned Con!

We finished off the day with a very enjoyable evening meal with JD Nelson, Dannielle Bannister and Julie Cassar at the Spaghetti Factory. It’s located in a quaint section of St. Louis, but those cobble stone streets are crazy! Can’t imagine what a ride in the horse and buggy would be like traveling over those. It was bad enough it the car!

I will be there next year, September 23 & 24, 2016. Already reserved my table. Now just have to make hotel reservations.

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