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Book Signing a Huge Success!

I’m a little late in getting here, but better late than never. I had intended to follow up here after my post on FB with a big THANK YOU again for all who came out to my book signing. You made it a tremendous success.

In the first hour I estimated there were at least forty, maybe up to fifty people who came through the door. The place was jumpin’! The gals behind the cash registers were really busy! Thanks again to all of you who purchased my books.

I want to say “Thank You” to my SpoFest friends—James Bryant, Debbie and Gary Noland and Faith Bemiss for the lovely red roses and chocolates. How did you know? Yumm!

Also a big “Thank You” to Rhoda at Moore’s Greenhouse and Flower Shop for the colorful roses for my table, to my daughter, Christina for your unwavering support, for helping with the refreshments and pouring the wine, and a super huge “Thank You” to my editor, Mary-Nancy Smith of Eagle Eye Editing for your belief in my book(s). I couldn’t have done it without you!

You can pick up INESCAPABLE;The Beginning Kindle edition for $3.99 http://amzn.to/TpMhDo. Amazon’s Countdown Deal for INESCAPABLE:Remembering starts tomorrow (July 25) at .99¢ for the first day. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L8ERRH6

Book Signing

Well, my book signing is fast approaching (only nine days away) and I can’t help but worry—will there be a good turnout?  I’ve read that at some book signings only a few people show up and at others no one at all.

It’s more difficult for Indie Authors, especially new ones, to get the publicity that traditionally published authors do. But, I’m plugging away with tweeting, facebooking, tumbluring, Co-Promoting, word of mouthing, just any and all types of publicity I can think of for my book. I’ve heard Rome wasn’t built in a day, my guess it wasn’t built in a month either. That’s why reviews are so important to Indie Authors. It helps build their audience. Also, when you Facebook or tweet about an author, it creates a buzz about them and drives prospective readers to check out the book to see what the buzz is about.

I will be doing a radio interview on KSIS, Wednesday, July 16, at 9 a.m. along with my editor Mary-Nancy Smith of Eagle Eye Editing, about my books and the book signing. Be sure to tune in and listen.

This morning  I checked in at the Reader’s World’s website, and noticed there are 27 people coming and 12 maybes. That’s great! Just yesterday I had people calling to say they’re sorry they can’t make it, and asked if I would sign a copy and put it back for them to pick up later. Happy to do it!

I am so excited about my books. Not only will INESCAPABLE:The Beginning be there, but book two INESCAPABLE:Remembering will the there, also. I hope to see everyone there on July 19, 5 – 7 p.m. at Reader’s World, in State Fair Shopping Center.




The second book in my Inescapable series is out on Amazon in the Kindle Store. I am so excited! Paperback edition will be out around July 2.

Book 1 — INESCAPABLE:The Beginning is doing well. It is out both in Kindle and paperback. I will have a book signing July 19, 5 – 7 p.m. at Readers World here in Sedalia. There will be refreshments and wine from Wildlife Ridge Winery. (They have delicious wines.)

I’m hoping book 2 will be out in paperback in time to have some for the signing.

Come out and celebrate with me and enjoy a glass of wine.
(Of course, buy a book, too.)