A Design for Love


Well, I made the plunge into the Kindle Worlds. The world I chose was the Royals of Monterra—a sweet romance world. I love romance stories with happy endings, but I also like a little suspense in the story. So my story A Design for Love, has a little suspense and intrigue.  I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to reading your reviews.

Young, attractive fashion designer working in office, drawing, leaning on desk, smiling.?

Here is an excerpt from A Design for Love

Maddy Whitcomb is a brilliant architect trying to make a name for herself in the all male pool of architects at Bleeker’s Architectural Firm. From her domineering father to her boss who trivializes her talent, to Derek Nichols who goes out of his way to make her life miserable, men always seem to stand in her way when it comes to realizing her dreams. That is until Jason Cornish, a developer from Australia, arrives on the scene…

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