Just In Time for Christmas!

Specially priced for Christmas! Available now in the Kindle Store on Amazon, the 3 book, boxed set of my INESCAPABLE series for only 99¢!

Boxed set includes all three books in the series: The Beginning, Remembering and Tomorrow. (Book 4, which will complete the series, will be out sometime in 2016.)

Great Christmas gift for the Kindle lover in your life.

INESCAPABLE Boxed Set (A romantic suspense thriller with a little murder, mayhem, and science fiction thrown in.)

Inescapable Love.
Inescapable Danger

The inescapable journey of Darcey Callahan and Brad Daniels begin as Brad is called back to Lima, Peru, to investigate an attempted sabotage of his top-secret project located five miles down on the Pacific Ocean floor. Believing something has happened to Brad when he hasn’t contacted her since he left five weeks ago, Darcey dashes off to Lima, determined to find him. Her impulsive decision starts both on an inescapable journey of sabotage, kidnapping, murder and extreme danger.

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