A romantic and adventurous escape from reality!

A 5 Star Review of INESCAPABLE: Remembering second in the INESCAPABLE series.
Review by Charity Rowell on October 28, 2015
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
After being rescued by Brad, Darcy finds herself 5 miles beneath the ocean off the coast of Peru in ORCA’s dome complex.
Darcy still does not remember who Brad is; all she knows is that he was the highest bidder at the action held by a human trafficker. What is even more disconcerting to her is the fact that her body’s response to Brad seems irrational given her current situation. Maybe Brad is who he says he is, and maybe they did have a relationship before the kidnapping. Will Darcy eventually remember who she is and her relationship with Brad, or will she have to rely on her body’s responses to decide if what Brad says is true?
Even though Brad managed to rescue Darcy, she is still not safe. Someone is set on removing Darcy from the picture in the hopes of breaking Brad; leaving the dome vulnerable to complete the task that Armando was to perform. Will the plan succeed, or will Brad foil the plan again as he keeps a close eye on his beloved Darcy?
Like her first book, INESCAPABLE: The Beginning, Gressley combines adventure and suspense to delight and captivate readers in Inescapable: Remembering. Even when wearing designer clothes, Darcy has an innocence and “down home” attitude that makes her character charming and easy to relate to. Brad is written to play the knight-in-shining-armor well; doting on Darcy while giving her space to figure out her feelings.
I found INESCAPABLE: Remembering to be a nice break from reality. I enjoyed the suspense and adventure aspects of the story, and found it to be easy to read after a long day at work.

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