Synopsis is a dirty word!


How does that go?

Here I sit all broken hearted, come to………………..and only………………!

That’s how I feel when I try to write a synopsis for my books. UGH! My mind is whirling with things to say, but I have trouble shortening them up so I don’t write another novel! I want it to flow without giving every little detail but have enough information the reader will get the jest of the book. You know, just touch on the main things, but with me that’s hard to do. I keep getting stuck in the minutiae. My mind wants to explain the generalization I just wrote defeating the whole purpose of generalizing. UGH

I’ve been working on this since 10 a.m. this morning. (It’s now 2:30 p.m.) I have finally narrowed it down to 5 paragraphs—long paragraphs. Still need to crunch some more, but have a headache from banging it on my desk. Started third pot of coffee and grabbed the Tylenol. Does that make sense?!??

Of course it doesn’t help that the floor guy is here putting in some new flooring. I keep bouncing up to check on what he is doing and lose my train of thought between the dining room and the keyboard. LOL I keep hoping when I sit down again the whole thing will have magically written itself. You know, like a “synopsis fairy.” Probably not gonna happen. Didn’t get the “housekeeping fairy” I asked for either.

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