A Review on “INESCAPABLE: THE BEGINNING” by Madge H. Gressley

Posted on July 28, 2014


By Madge H. Gressley


Headstrong, impulsive, and beautiful Darcey Callahan takes off in search of Brad, her life’s love, who did not call five weeks after he went on a secret, high-profile job abroad, despite his promise that he would. Knowing that something was wrong, Darcey went to find Brad, only to find herself thrown into a nightmare she had never expected. Will she find her way out? Will Brad be able to save her from the dangers she fell into because of him…or will it be too late?




Action-packed. Full of suspense. Romantic. Fiery.

Yes, I am thinking of Inescapable: The Beginning. When Miss Gressley requested for a book review and sent me the synopsis of this book, I was immediately intrigued. Darcey went abroad looking for Brad who, she believes, is in danger. Instead of finding her life’s love, Darcey fell into a nightmare of accidents caused by manipulations of people wanting to harm Brad, and wanting to take her for her beauty.

A strength of Inescapable: The Beginning is it’s fast-paced, never boring story. At every page, something happens. If you missed a few chapters, you will find that a lot already transpired in the story. It is not a book that can be good at some points, and then slows down on the next that you would be tempted to jump over a few pages.  The plot is gripping, the romance fiery, and the flow so fast and strong you would not be noticing your coffee had already gone cold (this is not an exaggeration – I had to prepare another coffee while reading this one).

Another good point about Inescapable: The Beginning is the way Miss Gressley created the characters. They are convincing, unique, and complex in their own ways. I love how Miss Gressley used foreign characters, languages and places, even underwater – that it felt like I am watching a movie with multiple settings. The characters are all almost flesh and blood. They are described very well, from their looks, actions, until to their feelings. I specifically fell for Nicho, who worked as an escort to Darcey and later on fell for her – under Brad’s watchful eyes.

The way Miss Gressley wove suspense, intrigue, action, and romance all in one book is superbly done. I am sure you will be reading this book from start to finish in one sitting, and you will be asking for more!


I am happy to give Inescapable: The Beginning 5 out of 5 stars! If you want a real page-turner, remember to have this book on your hands the soonest you can 🙂


Madge Gressley is an accomplished, award-winning visual artist, living in Missouri. She is a Signature Member of the Missouri Watercolor Society and Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artist. The scope of her artistic talent covers a wide range of media, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, clay, and graphic design. Her work is proudly displayed in the collections of numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Great Britain, and China.

Gressley has now expanded her artistic horizons to include writing. Books one and two of her first novel series, “Inescapable,” a romantic suspense thriller, are now published. Kindle and paperback versions are available on Amazon. Book three will be available soon.

Recently, Gressley has started a new series—‘Sophie Collins Mysteries’. Young Adult books about the adventures of Sophie Collins, a modern-day Nancy Drew. The first edition “The Red Coat” is available in the Kindle Store on Amazon. The second book “The Secrete of Trail House Lodge,” will be available shortly.

Madge is also co-owner and graphic designer for Art & Graphic Innovations, LLC, a Missouri based graphic design firm, and owner of MEG Originals Fine Art. http://www.meg-originals.com.



The first book of the “Sophie Collins Mysteries“, which is “The Red Coat“, is available on this link:


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